Spring 2011

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How strong are the Carlson School’s links to the communities and groups it serves? For insight and answers, we went straight to the source—the individuals who interact with the school on a consistent basis.

Land O’Lakes President and CEO Chris Policinski is one of the first to acknowledge the impact the Carlson School has had both at the company he leads and on the business environment in the Twin Cities in general. “The Carlson School has helped build this company. We see first-hand what it can do, right here,” he says. “One of the things that struck me when I came here 18 years ago is how much the University of Minnesota and the Carlson School have done for the local economy and for local businesses.”
        At the Carlson School, watching community relationships bloom is one of the best parts of Morgan Kinross-Wright’s job. As the director of the Carlson Undergraduate Business Career Center, she works closely with local businesses and alumni to forge mutually beneficial relationships. “A great majority of the companies and organizations we work with give back, not only in terms of financial gifts, but also they give a tremendous amount of time to help our students in workshops, classes, skill development, and more,” she says.
        No matter what kind of relationship a company forges with the Carlson School, the impact for both businesses and students is often the same. “The companies and organizations are getting top talent and building strong pipelines of talent to take their organization into the next round of leaders,” Kinross-Wright says. “It is very rewarding to see the relationships we build grow and mature.”


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